Does Toilet Paper Brand Matter?

February 05, 2020

Does Toilet Paper Brand Matter?

Do you find yourself asking why toilet paper? Does it have to be a certain brand? What is the most common design requested? Well read on and I'll try to answer some of these questions!

Do I have a favourite toilet paper to work with?
I sure do! All tp is not created equal. When I see giant packs of Cottonelle, you better believe I am yelling, “get a cart!”

What was the first design I ever sold?

A Christmas design, “He sees you when you’re pooping” Still makes me chuckle when I say it.

What’s the funniest way a customer has gifted your rolls?

I had a customer who paired our rolls with cash and chocolate macaroons for her teenage nephews—hopefully they had a good laugh.

What occasion do you sell the most toilet paper for?

First anniversaries. Took me a while to realize this. Paper is a traditional first wedding anniversary gift. Pretty cool to think our tp is being used to celebrate such a milestone!

Finally, what is the most memorable roll you have sold?

I created a custom design for a first anniversary for a wife to tell her husband they were expecting a baby! That one made my day!

That's what's fun about our toilet paper. It's an easy laugh...light-hearted fun. I encourage the re gifting of our paper. Share the laughter!